Dairy Children’s Menu

Everyone loves our Dairy Children’s Menu.

With years of experience Gail’s Catering is able to craft some of the finest children’s food. As an adult you might just find the food to be your favorite too! Everyone loves the taste of our Dairy Children’s Menu.

  • Sliced Vegetables
    Fresh sliced vegetables with a homemade dip.
  • Corn on the cob
    Corn on the cob that children love.
  • Focaccia and Spreads
    Focaccia and spreads of olives tapenade, sun-dried tomato or pesto.
  • Pasta
    Pasta with sauces selection.sta with sauces selection.
  • Mini Puff Pastries
    Mini puff pastries filled with a medley of fillings.
  • Pizza
    Pizzas with a Selection of toppings.


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