Dairy Desserts

Israel Bond Cocktail Event Party 19Dairy desserts that will make your guests say “Yum”!

Are you ready for the childhood sensations of happiness through dairy desserts? Get ready because our desserts will bring you back to the childhood bliss that you felt once before. Guaranteed to stimulate more than just your taste buds!

  • Mini Chocolate Croissant
    Mini chocolate croissant Mini chocolate croissant.
  • Ice Cream Cake
    Rich , multi – color ice cream cake.
  • Napoleon Puff Pastry Squares
    Napoleon puff pastry squares filled with whipped cream and vanilla pudding.
  • Nougat Mousse
    Nougat mousse topped with toffee nut espresso.
  • Honey Mousse
    Honey mousse laced with pistachio garnish and powdered nuts.
  • Chocolate Mousse
    Rich two – colors chocolate mousse.


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