Planning a modern Jewish wedding is not easy as Jewish weddings can often get very expensive. There’s a good reason for this, Judaism requires every happy event to be conducted in a celebratory atmosphere. At Jewish weddings, it is a Mitzvah to share food and drink with the bride and groom.

That’s why the average cost of a Jewish wedding in the United States is usually more than $30,000. That doesn’t mean you should spend more than what you should on your wedding – Judaism doesn’t advocate spending more than what you can afford on celebratory events such as weddings.

You can celebrate your Simcha without going into a debt for it. You will need to be creative and plan everything with a meticulous attention to detail. Follow this Modern Jewish Wedding Planning Guide to find out how.

Hiring a Caterer

You should choose a professional Jewish catering service that has the experience of being able to deliver exceptional service in weddings and other important events. You should in fact start looking for a catering service 6 months in advance of the wedding. Do your research on a wedding catering service on the social media and on Google to find out more about them. Make sure that the caterer is available on the date you require them to be, and find out about the booking procedure and payment process. Ask them for a written contract. Pay attention to the fine print, just to make sure there are no hidden charges. Ask for a list of what’s included and what’s not included in the price charged by them.

The Reception

Your biggest expense during the wedding will be on the reception. Look for innovative ways to save money on the reception. You can, for example, invite all guests to the Chuppah, but only your family and closest friends for the reception dinner.

Rent the Bridal Gown

You don’t have to buy a bridal gown, you can always rent one. There really is no need to buy a bridal gown when you’ll only be wearing it once in your life (hopefully!) There are many bridal gown rental shops in Austin, TX.

Hiring a Photographer

You can hire a professional photographer to take pictures of the Chuppak, Chosson and Kallah. For the rest of the wedding, ask your family and friends to bring their cameras along, so that they can take pictures of the wedding. Of course, there’s nothing to guarantee that the photographs will be of the best quality here – but you can fully expect your friends and family to do their very best.

Sending the Invitations

You can either create your own wedding invitations, or get them done by a freelancer on micro-outsourcing sites such as, where you can get the most beautifully designed wedding invitations for as little as $5. Once you get the design, you can have it printed at home using the right kind of paper. If you have a particularly long guest list, send the traditional invitation card to only your closest friends and family members. As for the rest, just send them an elegantly crafted e-mail.

Hiring a Musician

It’s perfectly okay to hire a DJ instead of an orchestra or band for a modern Jewish wedding. A DJ can play any music of your choice, from modern music to the more traditional music.

We hope you found these tips on organizing a modern Jewish wedding on a budget useful. The important thing is to remember that your wedding day has to be fun, something you and your fiancé will talk to your grandkids about one day. So don’t get too caught up in the planning, remember to enjoy the special occasion as well.