Lilly's Bat Mitzvah 8Have you ever thought about starting your own Jewish catering business in Austin? While starting a Jewish catering business in Austin may seem like an overwhelming and daunting tasks, when you break it down you will find that the tasks involved with starting a Jewish catering company in Austin are actually a lot easier than you can possibly imagine.

What Jewish dishes will you be serving?

The first thing that you have to consider when thinking about starting a Jewish catering service is exactly what dishes would you like to make available to your clients. It is very important to insure that you have tested your dishes among friends and family to make sure that the dishes will be enjoyed by all.

Where will your kitchen be located?

Every good Jewish catering company in Austin needs to have a commercial kitchen that is available to them. Finding a kitchen that is central to the area that you would like to serve is essential to be able to offer a speedy service effectively.

Getting a loan to get started.

To set up a Jewish kitchen (or any kitchen for that matter) takes an initial investment into kitchen equipment. Getting a loan will help you to quickly pursue your dreams and get the ball rolling.

Setting the Jewish catering business up legally.

You will need to get a business license from the Austin city hall in order to be able to legally work and advertise in the community that you want to run your Austin Jewish catering business out of.

What kind of catering van will you be purchasing?

Another crucial element to running a successful Jewish catering business is by purchasing a high end van to move the catered food from the kitchen to the event. There are specialized Jewish catering vans that come fully equipped with a mobile kitchen, and there are more simple catering vans that will provide a secure way to transport the cooked food.

Words of encouragement:

Cooking is a passion for many people. Whether you are entertaining friends or family, or you are a large scale Jewish catering company in Austin, the spirit of the Jewish people prosper in the art of cooking wholesome meals. Start small then expand your skill set until ultimately you will find success in the Jewish catering business.