guestsThe cost of equipping a modern equipment can easily exceed $250,000. Within this quick article our dedicated staff here at Gail’s Catering has put together our list of must-have Jewish catering equipment. From a commercial grade stove, pots and pans, utensils, to dinnerware, there is a lot of equipment that the professional Jewish catering company needs on hand in order to be successful.

In our quest to uncover the top 10 must have Jewish catering equipment we interviewed Gail’s Catering in Austin Texas. While Gail’s Catering initially declined an interview with us about the top 10 Jewish catering equipment stating that because of the importance of so many other kitchen equipment that it is a very difficult question to answer, but they eventually did agree and gave us their top 10 list.

Gail’s Catering top 10 list of Jewish catering equipment:

1) Oven – Having a commercial grade oven is the central point of any kitchen including a Jewish kitchen where so many dishes are cooked in the oven.

2) Walk-in refrigerator – In order to function in today’s modern Jewish kitchen there also has to be a walk-in cooler that kitchen staff has access to.

3) Pots, pans and cooking utensils. – Every modern kitchen needs pots, pans and utensils in order to effectively offering a catering service and quality food.

4) Deep freezer – In order to be able to streamline expenses the Jewish catering company needs to have a deep freezer in order to keep a stock of bulk meat goods.

5) Grill – What Jewish kitchen would be complete without a commercial grill? A commercial grill will turn any Jewish kitchen and catering company into a top-level service.

6) Mixing bowls and mixing equipment – A lot of baking is undertaken in the Jewish catering business. And of course the Jewish caterer needs to have a huge variety of mixing bowls and equipment on hand.

7) Plates, silverware and serving equipment – From your basic children’s party where plastic utensils are served, to the most luxuries of occasions where the finest silverware and dishes are served, place settings are an important part of the catering business.

8) Cleaning equipment – A clean kitchen is a properly functioning kitchen. Cleaning equipment from mops, towels, soaps, to scrubbing pads make a kitchen run smoothly.

9) Fire extinguisher – This is a kitchen after all, so having a fire extinguisher on hand is crucial to remain safe.
10) Last but not least, professional staff – The biggest choice that a catering business will have to make is choosing professional staff to help them manage the Jewish catering business.

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