About Gail’s Catering

Family owned and operated catering service in Austin TX.

Gail’s Catering has been providing exceptional catering services to the Austin area for over 5 years. Within that time Gail’s Catering has established a commercial grade kitchen, luxurious place settings, a handful of dedicated staff and quite the grassroots following on social media. Come and become a fan of the Gail’s Catering Facebook and Google+ page to see what other people are saying..

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Bringing you the tastes of old Jerusalem and Moroccan cuisine.

Gail’s catering is the culmination of a lifetime of experience and a passion for the spices of Moroccan cuisine and the exquisite dishes of old Jerusalem. Meals that are more than quality nutrition, memories that will last a lifetime!

Certified Kosher catering in Austin Texas.

Gail’s Catering is one of the only local catering companies in Austin Texas to offer certified kosher catering services. *Food that is prepared includes Rabbi certificate. Read more

Gail’s Catering
2105 San Antonio Street
Austin, Texas 78705