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Gail’s Catering has been providing exceptional catering services to the Austin area for over 5 years. Within that time Gail’s Catering has established a commercial grade kitchen, luxurious place settings, a handful of dedicated staff and quite the grassroots following on social media. Come and become a fan of the Gail’s Catering Facebook and Google+ page to see what other people are saying..

Born and raised in old Jerusalem during the late 1970s, Galit quickly developed a passion for cooking that began with the authentic, rich, traditional Moroccan cuisine she was raised with in her mother’s kitchen. Growing up, Galit would go with her father to the Machane Yehuda market every Friday.

Galit soon discovered that she had an eye for exploring the secrets of the marketplace and spent hours lost in the intoxicating aromas of ancient Middle Eastern spices, tasting gourmet cheeses, and familiarizing herself with ancestral delicacies.These special times with her parents solidified Galit’s passion for creating exquisite dishes that transforms meals into memories.

In 1996, Galit managed a bistro in the Nahalat Shiva neighborhood of central Jerusalem. The menu was inspired by authentic Jerusalem cuisine with an influence of Israeli flavors. After six years of managing this successful bistro, Galit spread her wings and moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This was where Galit opened her first catering company, which focused on infusing Israeli cuisine with Moroccan flavor.

Now, an aspiring Austinite, Galit has decided to share her foodie passion and gift of creating delectable delights in the kitchen through kosher Israeli catering. The idea came as a push from friends who had attended one of her many dinner parties. Galit is thrilled to share her fragrant feasts and superior presentation at your next event.

Bringing you the tastes of old Jerusalem and Moroccan cuisine.

Gail’s catering is the culmination of a lifetime of experience and a passion for the spices of Moroccan cuisine and the exquisite dishes of old Jerusalem. Meals that are more than quality nutrition, memories that will last a lifetime!


Certified Kosher catering in Austin Texas.

Gail’s Catering is one of the only local catering companies in Austin Texas to offer certified kosher catering services. *Food that is prepared includes Rabbi certificate. Read more

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